ESSEA Working Groups

WG4: Testing early intervention approaches through rigorous controlled trials.

Work Group 4 involves groups testing early intervention approaches through rigorous controlled trials.

In recent years a number of leading European clinical scientists (Belgium, The Netherlands, UK) in the autism field have been undertaking ‘first phase’ controlled (randomised) intervention trials that focus on promoting and enhancing social communication and language skills. These have used a variety of social-communication and behavioural strategies, including the promotion of joint attention, imitation and social engagement skills. These pilot studies have shown that intervention, both directly delivered by therapistsand parents trained in these methods, can improve language, developmental and social outcomes.

The ESSEA COST Action will enable clinical scientists to identify common and unique aspects of intervention approaches that have delivered a promising evidence-base. This will lead in future FP 7 applications to comparable trials of the same intervention programmes to be conducted across different European countries. This will help inform the clinical evidence base about ‘what works for toddlers and preschool children with autism’.

Co-Chair: Helen McConachie (UK)
Co-Chair: Petra Warreyn (Belgium)
Anett Kaale (Norway)
Antonio Narzisi (Italy)
Bernadette Roge (France)
Christine Freitag (Germany)
Erica Salomone (UK)
Filippo Muratori (Italy)
Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault (France)
Iris Oosterling (Netherlands)
Joaquin Fuentes (Spain)
Jonathan Green (UK)
Judith Sinzig (Germany)
Luise Poustka (Germany)
Michele Noterdaeme (Germany)
Mikael Heimann (Sweden)
Sue Fletcher-Watson (UK)
Selda Ozdemir (Turkey)